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Our commitment to the community extends beyond financial services. Please keep an eye on our calendar section for any upcoming events that we sponsor. We will also list other events -- including seminars -- in this section.

I offer several financial management seminars, many with a woman's focus.

My educational seminars will present financial basics and help you understand some sophisticated financial concepts.

You'll gain a working knowledge of the six areas that every financial management program must consider: cash management, risk management, investment planning, tax planning strategies, retirement planning, and estate conservation.

These workshops are free, and no financial products will be offered for sale during the presentations.

I will cover important financial concerns many people have, such as paying for college and long-term care, saving on taxes, and retiring in comfort.

And I have special information for women who are divorced or widowed:

  • Tax implications
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Investing a retirement plan distribution or property settlement, and many other concerns that directly affect your family's future.

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